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The 2010 Cheese Rolling raised $2000 which was donated in petrol vouchers to the regional ABA therapist and case manager to facilitate travel to families in Southland and Otago facing the challenge of autism.

The 2009 Cheese Rolling supported the production and distribution of the DVD Autism at School to 120 schools in Southland and Otago. Cash donations of $1000 each were also made to Autism NZ Southland Branch, Central and Southern Autism Support Group, and Otago Children's Autism Support Group.

The 2008 Whitestone Cheese Rolling NZ event raised $11,000 which went to buy a car for the provincial autism assesor to make home visits to families for assessment, therapy and support. A donation was also made towards the production of the documentary "Autism at School".

link to video description link to 2007 Cheese Rolling achieved a $9,000 donation to THE HUB, a support network and resource center providing therapy and therapist training for families in Southland and Otago.

The first Whitestone Cheese Rolling New Zealand in 2006 raised funds to produce the much appreciated documentary "Living with Autism" which was shown at the national conference on autism in Wellington in September 2006. Copies of "Living with Autism" were distributed to the 16 branches of Autism NZ around the country and local libraries. Cash donations were also made to three autism support groups in Southland and Otago. For more information on autism, please contact Linda Waples Tel: 64-3-202 5996 Email: [email protected]

For more information on "Living with Autism" and to order a copy see the order form. Alternatively, you can watch it here or at Youtube.