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A bit about Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling hails from the UK where it is thought to be an ancient fertility ritual. Large cheese wheels are rolled and chased down the steep hill.

Catcher's Keepers!

Winner gets the cheese.

2010 Special Guest Celebrity Cheese Rollers

bulletSimon Culhane, Southland Stags coach
bullet Bonnie Soper, Tui Award winner 2009 Best Supporting Actress
bullet Aimee Clement, national ice skater

bullet Murray Kirkness , Otago Daily Times editor
bullet  Helen van der Linden , NZ Gold Guitar Award winner 2009
bullet Andre Johnson (Tamblyn), Style Pasifika New Zealand Fashion Award prizewinner
bullet Denis Hughes, Royal NZ Institute of Horticulture Associate of Honour 2009
bullet Andy Mack, ZM announcer
bullet Bronwyn McCall, Waikaka School head
bullet Bob Henderson, octogenarian farmer, born and bred on this land

Cheese Rolling paddock on the Henderson farm is in the process of pasture regeneration. It has been ploughed, the winter swedes are growing and it will be sown with grass seed at the end of 2011. Therefore it is out of Cheese Rolling action for a while so we are taking a break.
We hope to be back bigger, better and faster in 2013. Keep in touch!

Whitestone Cheese Rolling New Zealand organisers, landowners and helpers accept no liability for loss, damage or personal injury associated with attendance at the event.